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To celebrate the launch of PE Nation to the Elysian Collective family we thought we would talk to resident fitness guru and recognised Personal Trainer Penny Walsh about how to get lean and fit this summer.

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Lean Muscles for women  - By Penny Walsh

Most often we think about men and muscles and not about beautiful women with attractive lean muscles. But most women today have become extremely health conscious and take every step to maintain a healthy body, mind and reduce health problems.

Can women really build lean muscles? Well the answer is YES and that too is the most efficient way that can help any woman to achieve an athletic looking figure.

Although the rigorous strength training classes conducted at group fitness classes are beneficial, it is best to speak to a fitness trainer before you start on anything. The best exercises that help to build lean muscles are weight-lifts in conjunction with cardio exercises.

The correct weights, right postures, appropriate time and proper guidance are the points that all women should consider before exercising for lean muscle gain. (which can be shown to you by a accredited Personal Trainer)

How to achieve your aims:

The most recommended exercises for lean muscle growth are namely:

  1. Weight lifting- this is the most efficient of all exercises that help to tone and build lean muscles. Your trainer will ascertain the amount of weight that will be suitable for you and then she will gradually increase it according to your improvements and needs.

  2. Cardiovascular exercises- cardio workouts are also necessary for muscle-building and alternating weights workout with cardio workouts work wonders for women who are seriously in for the lean muscles and weight loss strategies.

  3. Other exercises that can be included to make you a lean mean machine are chest press, shoulder press, leg extension, bicep curl, triceps extension and abdominal crunches.

  4. After a set of cardio exercises, perform weighted squats, lunges, curtsy lunges (putting leg behind) and dead lifts. your personal trainer can show you through these exercises.

To be more precise, here is a plan to maximize lean muscle growth for women.

First when you are inside the gym, perform the strength exercises that use most of your muscles and joints for better growth. Compound exercises are also great for building lean muscle , try increasing your rep speed. Second, after your workout sessions, what is important is the food that you consume. Taking protein and carbohydrate drinks immediately after exercising to restore your glycogen stores as these have proved to increase lean muscle growth and also hormone levels. Get enough rest (8 hours sleep and 1 day a week off exercise) and keep the body well hydrated (2-3 litres of water a day) to get lean muscles.

Why you need the lean muscles:

The need for building lean muscles has been recognised by both men and women all over the world. Lean muscles are extremely useful for women, as it not only boosts up metabolism but also keeps osteoporosis at bay. Along with building lean muscles, side- by-side you need to shed off extra fat from the body by having healthy foods.

It is best to participate in exercise programs that are comprehensive and include weight training and cardiovascular exercises under a Personal Trainer who can support you with an appropriate diet plan.



So who is Penny Walsh?

Penny has over 24 years experience in the fitness industry. She is passionate and energetic with enthusiasm to help and educate others to reach their goals and overcome any obstacles.

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