A Love affair with Culottes - How to style the misunderstood pant

I must confess, I have a crazy crush on the culotte. Classy yet comfortable, casual yet cool these bad boys are on high rotation in my winter wardrobe. Linen, denim, cord, leather – you name it, there is room for them all.

Culottes are a short girls dream. They instantly create the illusion of limitless legs ala Giselle Bundchen (“hell yeah!”, I hear you exclaim.) Whilst a taller woman can don this style mid-calf, the more petite and …. ahem …. vertically challenged of us should ensure the culotte stops at the point where the base of your calf begins. As the thinnest part of your leg is on display, this creates the illusion of thinner pins. Add a high waist and a pointy toe heel and these babies will practically give you an instant leg extension. The key is to balance the wider silhouette of the pants with a fitted or tucked in top to accentuate your waist and create an hourglass figure.

Personally, I adore the slouchy man-style culotte in a more masculine fabric such as wool, cord or even leather. Paired back with a soft silk cami for night, a fitted sweater for day, or a tucked in open neck silk or linen shirt embodies that subtle, sexy, laissez faire style that Parisians nail so well. Pointy shoes (whether they be flats for day or sky high heels) will create the illusion of longer legs. Add some feminine jewellery for day, or a pump or boot for night, and you’re ready to bend it like (Victoria) Beckham. In case you have missed this reference see exhibit “A” below – Queen Becks herself adorned in all of her amazing, stylish, cool calm and culotted glory (insert girl crush sigh!)

The wider silhouette is amazing for any girl that does not love their thighs. They are the midi skirts of the pants world. Except you can theoretically do cart wheels in them. Appropriate for the office, date night or even a stylish take in the humble trackie, the comfort and versatility factors are sure to win you over if you just give them a chance. Think of them as an a line skirt when styling.

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